Frequently Asked Questions

I have a stain on my carpet – can I clean it myself?

The shops and supermarkets are saturated with DIY cleaning products, which can pre-lighten the affected area and can cause damage. You should always pre-test for colour fastness. The best advice, however, is to have it professionally assessed and cleaned.

Why use a carpet cleaning service when I could hire a carpet cleaning machine and detergent and do it myself?

Whilst this may appear to be a cheaper option, it does not deliver a deep clean and can be false economy in the long run. Usually shampoo is used with these types of machines, which is hard to completely rinse out and remove. The carpet may look cleaner for a while, but is often left ‘sticky’ from the residue and is therefore prone to re-soiling.

I have received a leaflet through the door for discounted carpet & upholstery cleaning. Is there a catch?

There are companies and individuals who set up thinking it is easy to clean carpets & upholstery; although they may appear cheap, in fact, they are not necessarily trained and experienced and may not be using industrial equipment or the correct cleaning agents. Even if they are, you should always make sure whoever you use is insured, that they know about chemistry and pH levels, they can answer your questions, they appear professional and know what they are talking about. For example, can they identify the composition of your carpet, i.e. whether there is any wool content or whether it is man-made fibres? Remember, cheapest is not always the best in the long-term.

I run a busy pub and restaurant. Would steam cleaning be sufficient for cleaning the carpets & upholstery ?

Yes it would. Inter-Clean provide services to the pub and restaurant industry and, prior to the hot water extraction cleaning of the carpets, a rotary scrubber and enzyme pre-spray are used to break down the heavy duty soiling.

My tenant has caused a burn mark on the carpet from an iron, can anything be done?

This will have damaged the fibres of the carpet and, unfortunately, it is irreversible. In situations such as these, Inter-Clean are able to provide an expert’s report for insurance purposes, following an on-site inspection of the damage.

I am asthmatic and very sensitive to floral smells. Can I still have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?

Yes, you can. Inter-Clean do provide a specialist service using soap-free, fragrance-free, enzyme-free and VOC-free products.

I once used a carpet cleaner who said he could clean my carpet, but I was not happy with the results.

Inter-Clean do not make any promises they cannot keep or profess to be able to provide a service they cannot deliver. When the work required is assessed, if there is any doubt about the result or anything appears adverse, you will be advised accordingly so you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

I work most days until late, what hours do you work and do you work in the evenings?

If it is a general cleaning commission, whilst we do work evenings, as a rule we always advise cleaning to be carried out in natural daylight for the best results. However, Inter-Clean are available 24 hours, 7 days a week providing emergency call out services in the unfortunate event of flood damage, etc.

I once had a carpet cleaner who quoted a price, but they then wanted to charge for extras when the work was done. Is this usual practice?

Inter-Clean provide no obligation quotations which are based on the condition of the carpet, the service and treatment required and the time involved. We do not add any extra charges on and the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. There is no VAT added to the price.